Diabetes is a lifestyle disease that has long-term repercussions on the way you live. If you are diabetic, you have to compromise on a lot of issues involving your food; activity levels; entertainment options and so on.

You have to be under continuous medication and go for regular check-ups. It is a demanding schedule and any disruption can severely affect your well-being. Most people opt for the easier way of controlling the situation by just popping their pills on time. But is that really a healthy solution? No! You should reduce your intake of medicines if you can help it. And regular exercise under Sydney fitness trainers and disciplined diet definitely goes a long way in helping you to do just that.

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Why should a Diabetic Patient Exercise Regularly 

There are innumerable ways by which a great workout can help to keep diabetes under control.

Exercise lowers blood glucose level and improves your body’s ability to respond to natural insulin. Through exercise, you can enhance blood circulation; especially to your legs and arms which are the usual problem areas for diabetics. Regular exercise helps to keep your blood pressure and cholesterol levels in check; thereby reducing chances of cardiac related complications.

Exercise also reduces stress, stimulates weight loss and fortifies your natural immunity. All this helps you to cope better with different medical complications that are related to diabetes. And the best part of exercising under fitness trainers in Sydney is that they offer you invaluable tips on managing your diet and lifestyle. This can make all the difference to the way you plan your meals and select food groups in order to keep diabetes under control.

How should you Exercise? 

Always disclose the fact that you are a diabetic if you plan to start exercising under Sydney fitness trainers. Your trainer will then formulate a workout and diet plan suitable to your physical condition and which will ensure maximum benefit for your health. Usually, to control diabetes you must workout at least thrice a week for about an hour. Start with thirty minute sessions and gradually increase the duration and intensity.

You must do some sort of interval training at least one a week for half an hour. The intensity of interval training workouts ensures maximum consumption of calories and improves your overall endurance and stamina. Fitness trainers in Sydney will also make you go through strength training workouts that are so effective in controlling blood glucose levels.

Always exercise after and not before meals if you are on insulin. Measure your blood glucose level while exercising and discontinue if it is above 240 mg/dl. Have a snack that is high in carbohydrate if you workout for more than an hour. Have a glass of milk or an apple if your blood glucose level reads below 100 mg/dl or 120 mg/dl while exercising.

When should you not Exercise? 

Fitness trainers have extensive knowledge on how to manage the activity levels of their diabetic clients. Your trainer will advise you against exercising if your blood glucose level is very high (for example, over 300 mg/dl). You should also discontinue if the moment you feel breathless or a sensation of numbness; pain or tingling in your limbs. Always keep some candy at hand in case your blood glucose level falls drastically.

Among a variety of fitness classes and programs, it might get difficult for you to choose the program, which fits you the best. A Dangerously Fit personal trainer in Sydney is certainly the one that can meet your expectations in the best possible way.

Let’s find out, what are the unique qualities of Dangerously Fit, which make it different from all other fitness classes?

Certified Personal Trainers

All the fitness instructors and personal trainers are certified from renowned institutions. They all are dexterous, with many years of experience in fitness training. Professionalism is the paramount criteria for the personal trainers in bootcamp. They are disciplined and punctual, and consider training their clients, as their primary duty.

Amicable Environment

The environment in  bootcamp is very amicable and all the personal trainers are soft-spoken and amicable. Harsh behaviour from personal trainers is strictly not tolerated here, at any cost. You can frankly discuss your problems with the personal trainers and they will guide you, just like a friend.

Dangerously Fit

The environment in Dangerously Fit bootcamps is very amicable.

They never push you to do exercises beyond your threshold and in case, any client gets injured while doing workouts, they all have first-aid training.

Personal Assessment

For tailoring workout program for the clients, their personal assessment is done, in which their health conditions are checked. If they suffer from any physical issue, based on their medical prescriptions, their workout program is designed.

Personal trainers keep your doctor in loop, while tailoring the fitness regime for you. If any fitness expert feels that your case is special and beyond him/her, he/she refers you to other fitness expert in the camp, who has previous experiences with cases like you.

Warm up and Cool Down

Warm up and cool down, both are vital ingredients of a successful workout program. In Dangerously Fit bootcamps, both warm up and cool down are practiced. Warm up, is done before the start of workouts, to increase your blood circulation and increase the temperature of your body, to prepare it for the workouts.

On the contrary, cool down is done at the end of workout program to make sure that your body reaches its normal temprature. Relaxation at the end is very vital to bring your body from intense to normal state.

Customized Modification of Workouts

Boot camp makes sure that the clients’ workouts are modified according to their requirements. For beginners, easy workouts are told, so that their body can gradually be prepared, to take hard workouts.

For advanced exercisers, intense workouts are told, which suits them, according to their stamina and endurance. The bottom line is, all the clients are given personal attention and their workout programs are customized.

Motivational and Diet Sessions

Apart from workout programs, bootcamp have special motivational and diet education sessions. Diet sessions educate you; about the diets you should include or cut from your diet plan. Besides that, they educate you about the proper timings of your diets, and how many diets you should take in a day.

And motivation sessions are meant to keep you in high spirits; they give you a positive perspective towards life and boost up your energy.

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If you want to get fit outdoors, you must ensure that nothing prevents you from completing your sessions successfully. Only then can you achieve the fitness level your desire and flaunt a strong and healthy body. That is why it is absolutely essential for you to follow certain safety tips during your entire boot camp session so that you are less prone to injury or illness. After all, you don’t want to miss any Outdoor Training sessions when you are investing so much of your money and time on shaping up.

Outdoor Training in Centennial Park involves different types of exercises that are usually conducted through short bursts of intense training. While at the camp, expect a lot of sprinting, jogging, planks, push-ups, chin-ups, jumping jacks, agility exercises and much more. However, such a stunning variety also means that chances of injury are quite high if you do not follow certain basic precautionary measures.

get fit ouitdoors

Get Fit Outdoors With A Group Fitness Program

Provide an Honest Evaluation
Be absolutely honest to your bootcamp trainer regarding your present fitness level and fitness goal. During your pre-session interactions, he will want to know everything about your daily activity level, diet, lifestyle, professional life and so on. Mention any medical condition, medical advice or recent illness. All this will help your trainer to formulate a workout that is specifically suited for your condition.

Communicate Correctly and On Time
Exercises at Outdoor Training are not confined to sit-ups and stretching. A lot of complex and fast-paced movements are involved which you may not be comfortable with all the time. Do not tolerate any discomfort or pain for whatever reason. Doing so will aggravate your condition; ultimately forcing you to skip certain sessions. Speak up immediately and let your trainer know about your problem. If required, he will adapt the intensity of the workouts to suit your capacity.

Concentrate Thoroughly
Your bootcamp trainer is there to demonstrate each and every step and help you in performing them safely and correctly. Even then, do remember that it is not possible for him to check on every individual all the time. It is your responsibility to follow all the steps, listen to the instructions and try to do them as correctly as possible. So concentration is vitally important; especially when your trainer is explaining the exercises and showing the group how to do them.

Don’t Rush Unnecessarily
Even fast-paced workouts need correct form and movement in order to be safe and effective. Rushing through your steps can easily offset your balance, leading to sprains and tears in muscles and tendons. Always perform the all the movements, do not skip steps and never hasten your pace just to keep up with the group.

meet new people

An outdoor fitness program is a great way to make new friends

Warm-up and Cool-down Properly
Always go through proper warming up and cooling down sessions as explained by your bootcamp Centennial Park trainer. This is because such sessions help to condition and acclimatize your body to the rigours of strenuous workouts. If you just starting or stop exercising without preparing your body for it, your joints and muscles will remain stiff thereby increasing risks of injury.

Rest Properly
Adequate rest is absolutely essential if you want your body to reap the benefits of Centennial Park fitness bootcamp workouts. It is only during the rest period that your body restores and rejuvenates your tired muscles. In the absence of proper rest, you will gradually become weak and susceptible to illness and injury.

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Group fitness programs constitute of an interesting mix of exercises targeted towards stimulating the mind and energising the muscles. You must have heard about the immediate beneficial outcomes of following a boot camp Australia regime with dedication. That a bootcamp will increase your strength, stamina and endurance and help you shed weight is something that you have probably heard before. However discover the various other ways in which a boot camp can improve the quality of your life.

Conquer your fear of the unknown

Boot camps in Australia are designed to push you out of your comfort zone and achieve seemingly impossible tasks. There are many unconventional exercises that you will find in a bootcamp regime. Exercises like Battle ropes are designed to shake up participants and catalyze their competitive streak. If you have spent a large part of working life perpetually harnessed to your computer chair then you have probably developed a somewhat closed mind and a tendency towards sticking to your comfort zone. Practicing Australia bootcamp exercises will help you develop a better posture and helps you develop the qualities of open mindedness and fearlessness.

Boot Camp Australia

Boot Camp Australia Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever

Improve your navigation skills

There are many common exercises in Australia boot camps which focus on improving the navigational ability. With speed drills you will soon train your lower legs and thighs to become more powerful.

What you probably didn’t know was that speed training increases your hand eye coordination and sense of orientation. You will steadily learn to weather the elements with your inner strength and perseverance. You will come out of your boot camp regime as a balanced and coordinated person

Experience the euphoria of good health

You will never understand the euphoric feeling produced after a solid 30 minute session of bootcamp workouts unless you have experienced it yourself. Almost all Australia boot camps have a combination of exercises that stimulate the brain to produce a beneficial rush of hormones.

These hormones make you feel light and euphoric producing a sense of positivity and freedom. These qualities will spill over to your professional and personal life. The other benefits are reduction of stress and negativity. Simply enroll in boot camp to find your way to a more positive life.

Become more goal oriented and succeed in life

Succeeding in professional life will require lots of focus and a clear determination to achieve your goals. The boot camp life is inspired from the American Army New Recruit training program which follows military style regime. Bootcamp Australia is a place that will force you to become more goal oriented and disciplined.

Australia boot camps will force you to stick to a certain routine and obey the instructions of your personal trainer. Going through the fitness regime will teach you the important qualities of discipline and organized approach. You will become a more focused and organised person who is equipped to face all the challenges that life poses from time to time.

The modern working life places people under a lot of stress and boot camp exercises helps to release a major portion of that stress and frustration. The calories lost are just a bonus.

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In previous years, the number of people who hired personal trainers was at a bare minimum. In today’s day in age, hiring a personal trainer has become the new popular thing to do for many beneficial reasons.

Healthy living is becoming more mainstream as the days go by, and the healthiest of people want to be in the best shape they possibly can be. Today’s personal trainers do not only work with weight lifting, but also include diet guidance, toning and even exercises such as Pilates.

personal trainer

Personal Trainers help take the guess work out of getting fit

The first major benefit of having a personal trainer is having an exercise program tailored to one’s own custom needs.

Not every individual’s body will respond to exercises the same way, therefore a personal trainer can help target the preferred outcome to make sure it happens for every individual. A program can also be tailored to help individuals improve on skills that would help them excel against the competition in particular sports.

Another great benefit of having a personal trainer is having motivation standing right next to you the whole time you work out.

Working out and getting in the best shape possible takes a lot of commitment and hard work. Facing a tough workout is much easier when a trainer is with you giving you encouragement the whole way through.

A trainer also helps with accountability during a workout. If an individual is working out alone and gets tired halfway through, cheating on reps might be a bad habit that could possibly be fallen into, however, if a trainer is present, the individual would quickly be scolded for cheating on reps.

Working out the correct way is another benefit of having a personal trainer. Working out at home with no guidance can be quite difficult, and can actually be done wrong. Proper form and technique is required for many exercises, and if the exercises are not done correctly, injury can take place. A personal trainer ensures that the exercises are not only done correctly, but done in a manner results will be seen.

Personal training program tracking is another thing trainers are excellent at. Throughout the dieting and exercise program process, if the proper results are not taking place, a personal trainer can adjust the workout or the meal plan to get the program back on track.

Whether the benefit is having a program tailored to one’s custom needs, personal encouragement every step of the way, working out the correct way, or program tracking, a personal trainer is a great addition to any workout plan. Trainers now make getting in the best shape possible easier than ever before.

For more info check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_trainer

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